Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Getting started in Gospel Library and Syncing Your Device to

In this screencast we introduce Gospel Library and get you set up to function properly, including syncing your devices to the churches cloud on, and defining your settings to fit your needs.

Overview of the Resources Available in Gospel Library

In this screencast we take a quick look over the many resources available to you in Gospel Library.

Highlighting Text in Gospel Library

In this screencast we learn how to highlight, and underling text, utilize different colors of highlights, and erase old highlights in your scriptures, manuals, or publication in Gospel Library.

Taking Notes in the Margins (or Footnotes) in Gospel Library

In this screencast we'll discuss how to create notes in the margins, (or footnotes) of your scriptures, manuals, and publications in Gospel Library.

Creating Links to Cross-Reference to Scriptures, Conference, Manuals, and Other Documents in Gospel Library

In this screencsat we learn how to create "links" to cross-reference to scriptures, conference talks, manuals, and other documents on Gospel Library.

Creating Journal Entries on Gospel Library and

In this screencast I demonstrate how to use Gospel Library, in conjunction with to create, and index journal entries.

Using the Bookmark Function of Gospel Library to Keep Track of Your Reading

In this screencast we learn how to use the Bookmark Function to keep track of your reading in the scripures, as well as in manuals and other documents.

Using the "Tag" Function to Create a Personalized Index

In this screencast we learn one of the most useful funcitons of gospel library: Using the "tag" function to create a personalized index.

Using Multiple Screens in Gospel Library

In this screencast we learn how to open multiple books and pages in Gospel Library at the same time, and how to quickly switch back and forth between them.

Using the History Function of Gospel Library to Find Previously Viewed Pages

In this short screencast, we learn how to utilize the "history" function of Gospel Library to quickly find pages you've previously visited.

Downloading Movies on Gospel Library

In this screencast we learn the simple yet critical task of how to download a movie, and the importance of doing so before teaching a class.

Using the Audio and Video Functions of Gospel Library to listen to content

In this screencast, we discuss how to use Gospel Library audio and video functions to:
  1. Have the scriptures and other content read to you
  2. Watch, or listen to conference
  3. Play hymns and other music
  4. View church approved art

Utilizing the Search Function in Gospel Library

In this screencast we will discuss how to search the content available in Gospel Library.

Limitations of Gospel Library

In this screencast, I'll discuss some of the limitations, and problems that still exist with Gospel Library including:
1. The inability to highlight bullets, and indented materials
2. The slow, and inaccurate search function
3. The lack of author information in sources
4. Difficulty selecting buttons
5. Inability to rearrane some content (Such as journals)